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“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody!” _Maya Angelou

Do you just sometimes have that feeling of not being good enough or place your value on people’s opinions? Well that’s just negativity and not you!

Such feelings or thoughts come into play because you are different and unique, those thoughts of low self-esteem can become obstacles when you nurse them and they grow up to block your positivity making such thoughts your reality.

Sometimes we go through events or experiences that make us limit ourselves, for example; traumatic events like assaults, disapproving remarks from power figures, things not going as planned, our body physique, work etc. And they seem to make us look down on ourselves, all these things have power over us when we give them power by believing we are less. The value you place on yourself is all that matters regardless of what people say or think! These obstacles should only make you stronger and not be given the power to bring you down or distract you from your goals and how special you are.

Once time I went out with a friend and I looked to the mirror in the restaurant, the moment I saw myself, I exclaimed ”wow I am beautiful!” when I said those words aloud, I had a sensational feeling of confidence and a smile appeared on my face. My friend looked at me laughed and said “didn’t you know that?” I replied that sometimes I didn’t feel that way and just took people’s compliments as there were. I realized that moment that, as long as you don’t see what people see in you, you would never really feel it. So sometimes when people compliment you on your appearance, ideas, achievements, it doesn’t really cut deep as when you do that yourself because when you compliment yourself, you feel it and it enhances your value more than what others say.

Knowing your value and how good enough you are, saves you from stressing about people’s opinions, and let’s you focus on the good things of life and all the important things you need to achieve. Your value gives you a sense of confidence that let’s you package yourself in a way that makes you undefeated, when you undervalue yourself it gives all the wrong people the power to disrespect you.

You are a King. You are a Queen! And your life is your kingdom. You’re important and all your efforts, ideas and aspirations are useful, there is only one you in the world which shows how priceless you are and when you think you are less than enough, you miss out on all the good things you could do and that life has to offer!

We are all born for a purpose and though sometimes it may not seem so or we may not know what that purpose is, just know that your being alive adds value to the world, you make impact even in the little good things you do, your smile brightens someone’s day, your job at work helps the financial cycle of life, your traumatic experience has equipped you to help others, your body physique is admired by someone, your personality inspires someone. You are valuble in all that you do and don’t need to prove yourself or listen to unconstructive opinions. You are enough as you are now, even as you evolve and with whatever the world throws at you! You have things to accomplish and the feeling of low self-esteem is just a stumbling block, increase your self worth by being you, doing what you love, developing your skills and believing in yourself.

Be your #1 fan!! So whenever you might feel less, please remember these words from

Lacey Ramburger_”At the end of the day darling, you are enough. You always have been. It may have taken you awhile to see that and to finally reach this place, but you have always been enough!”


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  1. I am my No.1 fan and I am enough.
    Nice Share Angiewrites

    by THADDEUS ABIMAJE on Feb 19, 2023 at 2:29 am

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